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A hand drawing a hand by M. C. Escher


Step right up for a magical visit to the Escher Museum with me.. His works will amaze you plus they’re in aKeep reading »

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas On location shooting the movie Indiana Jones


How I learned to take photographs for my paintings, but when the chips were down… Share54 Tweet +1 Pin4 RedditKeep reading »

Hand knit dish rags

I KNIT DISH CLOTHS • First in a Series of My Obsessions • Offered on a Regularly Irregular Schedule

This is all about my passion for knitting dish cloths and more. Share25 Tweet +1 Pin48 Reddit StumbleShares 73Keep reading »

Drawing by Sandra Sallin, Prelude II

“Sandra, can you draw?”

My art gallery dealer, Marti Koplin : “Sandra, can you draw?” Sandy: “Uh, I don’t know. I haven’tKeep reading »

Peter the Great with his crown and throne, St. Petersburg Russia

My Mother Escaped From Russia With Rags On Her Feet- Part Two

Continued from Part one Ninety years later, my husband and I sailed into St Petersburg harbor on a luxury ship. Now, IKeep reading »

Sandy at UCLA in the 60's

When did you decide to become an artist?

The Quad at UCLA After studying geology and learning about the three different kinds of rocks: igneous, sedimentary andKeep reading »

Did you always know you were an artist?

 NO! NO! Not at all. My two sisters and I were each seven years apart in age. I was the youngest. One day, when I wasKeep reading »

Metropolis II, detail, LACMA

Where to take children when visiting Los Angeles, including the child in you

Striking installation of old-fashioned light posts in front of LACMA created by Chris Burden Our grandson was coming toKeep reading »

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