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Huge Pine trees falling


If a 125-foot pine tree crashes down a hillside… …topples over three enormous neighboring pineKeep reading »

Hand knit dish rags

I KNIT DISH CLOTHS • First in a Series of My Obsessions • Offered on a Regularly Irregular Schedule

This is all about my passion for knitting dish cloths and more. Share25 Tweet +1 Pin48 Reddit StumbleShares 73Keep reading »

Number 11 montage

My 11 Guilty Pleasures

Here is the list of my 11 guilty pleasures. Share34 Tweet +14 Pin Reddit StumbleShares 38Keep reading »

Easy Peasy Minestrone

My dear husband casually strolled into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and declared, “Why, it looks like aKeep reading »

Me in my funny Valentine costume


 Guess who…? …and guess what song I am? I’ll give you the answer at the end of this post. Gotta wait forKeep reading »

Is it the chicken or the egg thing?

Do I love reading because my father insisted that I get books from the library, or do I just love reading? In theKeep reading »

Did you always know you were an artist?

 NO! NO! Not at all. My two sisters and I were each seven years apart in age. I was the youngest. One day, when I wasKeep reading »

Chocolate Chip Cookies

…and chocolate chip cookies will heal you…

  That was the only thing I could think of to help. You see, a relative was ill, really ill, been in theKeep reading »

Bunny rabbit

Once upon a time…

…there were three Liriope Muscari.                                                           Pappa Liriope      Keep reading »

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