Apart from my Art
Apart from my Art
by Sandra Sallin

Hi I'm Sandra some people call me Sandy others call me the obsessive artist with too many lipsticks.

Lots of lipsticks

I'm a professional artist who became a 72-Year-Old-Blogger, accompanied my husband to the south of  France while he directed Picasso Summer , was kissed by wolves in the Sawtooth Mountains and has hundreds of lipsticks.Lipstick

I'll be writing about my adventures in obsessive living, my eleven guilty pleasures  and death threats made to our family while my husband was producing Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan  . Oh, and I shook Steve Jobs hand. Please join me in my new adventure and bring lipstick.


I was given the honor of being one of the 100 out of 3000, of the Voices of the Year, awarded by BlogHer.com, for this piece I wrote about my mother escaping Russia with rags on her feet. My work was featured on 12Most, and chosen to be a blogger for The Huffington Post. I think I need a new lipstick.Lipstick


The masthead above? It is a detail of one of my  paintings entitled "CHARTWELL."