When I Come Home - Honoring Our Service Men and Women

In honor of Veterans' Day. 'When I Come Home'  is a short video. It is a simple expression of gratitude to the men and women who serve in every branch of our military services --- those who fight, are harmed and die.  It honors them and their families who also serve. And wait. And grieve.

My husband, Robert Sallin, served in both the Marine Corps and the US Air Force. He created this video as a tribute to his brothers and sisters in arms. It has deeply touched friends, colleagues and even complete strangers at a more profound level than he had anticipated.  Senior members of both political parties have expressed their appreciation as have President Clinton and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

I wanted to share this deeply moving message across our land. Please add the names of those who served our country and who  you would like to be both honored and remembered on this Veterans' Day.

Please place their names in the Comment section below.