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Number 11 montage

My 11 Guilty Pleasures

Here is the list of my 11 guilty pleasures.Keep reading »

Start Trek II: The Wrath of Khan the movie poster

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Secrets Revealed

This is the true story from the producer of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan regarding the death of Spock and theKeep reading »

kids hugging returning dad

When I Come Home – Honoring Our Service Men and Women

This moving video, “When I Come Home,” honors our service men, women and their families. Those who serve,Keep reading »

Giuliano Bugialli teaching Sandy how to make pasta.

True Confessions: How I flunked making pasta in Italy.

Sandra takes you deep into cooking country with this fine and fanciful Duck Lasagna Recipe inspired by GiulianoKeep reading »

Drawing by Sandra Sallin, Prelude II

“Sandra, can you draw?”

My art gallery dealer, Marti Koplin : “Sandra, can you draw?” Sandy: “Uh, I don’t know. I haven’tKeep reading »

Peter the Great with his crown and throne, St. Petersburg Russia

My Mother Escaped From Russia With Rags On Her Feet- Part Two

Continued from Part one Ninety years later, my husband and I sailed into St Petersburg harbor on a luxury ship. Now, IKeep reading »

My Mother Escaped From Russia With Rags On Her Feet – Part One

My mother, Anna at age 16 My mother escaped from Russia with rags on her feet. She left with her family In the middleKeep reading »

I Was Kissed By Wolves

That’s right, I was kissed by a pack of wolves!  No, not the whistling kind. These were real wolves, wolves with rawKeep reading »

Bob receives award from Captain Rodriguez Of Newton Division LAPD

Shootin’ Newton

The Los Angeles Police Department honored my husband last night.Yes, the Commanding Officer, Police officers, PoliceKeep reading »

Canada Dry soft drink commercial

How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying – Part Two

Read Part One of How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying Fast forward. I’d graduated high school and wasKeep reading »

I'm all dressed up for my first piano recital

How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying – Part One

I’m all dressed up for my first piano recital It was never anything I sought. I just think my creative interestsKeep reading »

Idaho potato

Burlap and Buggies: A Remembrance of Christmas Past

A potato?  A truck with bales of burlap bags? Keep reading »Keep reading »

Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments

A House Filled With Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I think of my dear friend, Sharon’s home here in Idaho. The Christmas feeling in herKeep reading »

icicles on the walkway lamp

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

First thing I do when I wake in the morning up in the high mountains of Idaho is close the window. The window is on myKeep reading »

Sandy Hook Prayer Vigil

Words Fail Me

I could not write another post without addressing the horrific killings in Newtown Connecticut. I would feel negligentKeep reading »

World’s Ultimate Best, Without a Doubt, Potato Latkes!

Here is the recipe for the worlds best without a doubt potato latkes.Keep reading »

Sandy at UCLA in the 60's

When did you decide to become an artist?

The Quad at UCLA After studying geology and learning about the three different kinds of rocks: igneous, sedimentary andKeep reading »

Easy Peasy Minestrone

My dear husband casually strolled into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and declared, “Why, it looks like aKeep reading »

Me in my funny Valentine costume


 Guess who…?…and guess what song I am? I’ll give you the answer at the end of this post. Gotta wait forKeep reading »

Is it the chicken or the egg thing?

Do I love reading because my father insisted that I get books from the library, or do I just love reading? In theKeep reading »

Did you always know you were an artist?

 NO! NO! Not at all. My two sisters and I were each seven years apart in age. I was the youngest. One day, when I wasKeep reading »

Chocolate Chip Cookies

…and chocolate chip cookies will heal you…

  That was the only thing I could think of to help. You see, a relative was ill, really ill, been in theKeep reading »

Bunny rabbit

Once upon a time…

…there were three Liriope Muscari.                                                           Pappa Liriope      Keep reading »

Louder than a Bomb DVD cover

Roses are red, Violets are…..da BOMB!

Like Poetry?Hate Poetry? What to rent on Netflix? What to buy on ITunes?Had a bad day? Want to be uplifted Had aKeep reading »

Whole group of Red Lipsticks

I’ll Wear Red Lipstick!

I’ll wear Red Lipstick! That was my answer as I lay on the operating table staring up at the big brilliantKeep reading »

Lemon Meringue Pie

When life gives you a flat tire, have a piece of pie

“Yesterday I found a parking space. Yea! Of course I had to turn around because it was on the other side of theKeep reading »